This is the second post in an ongoing series about getting started with Peacemaker Parenting. We recommend that you check out the first post, Hard Questions
Sometimes, even when we make a big decision for something we know needs changing, it can feel just as big (maybe even bigger) to take the steps toward making that change. 

Let’s look at some practical examples of gentle + attainable steps you can make as a new peacemaker parent…

Change what needs to happen
Evaluating your goals is helpful, but sometimes it is tempting to make "all or nothing" goals. When you do, try turning them into realistic first, or daily, steps:

Here's an example: changing your yelling habit:

Here's another example: Changing your insecurity in what others think about your parenting choices:

It is okay to struggle as a parent. We don’t have a “opt out of struggles” option in the parent game. It’s a given. But we DO get to choose how we navigate those struggles and turn them into growth. If this is an area you struggle in, we covered a lot of this in-depth in our Growth>Guitl Workshop:

Lastly, if you want to jump in on our next workshop, this month's workshop is Parenting for Honor & Respect: A Guide for Dads (and Moms), and ticket sales will open up on June 8! 

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