We've been the overwhelmed, over-stimulated, overly anxious, and overly harsh parents. And we transformed our parenting so that now we are peacemakers in our home, and gentleness, grace, and compassion overflow into our children's lives.

In 2019, David and Amanda founded Flourishing Homes & Families. 
They equip and empower Christian parents to lead their families with grace and gentleness through parenting principles that are rooted in the teaching of Jesus and backed by modern neuroscience. Along the way, they have cultivated a community of parents in the trenches, guiding them towards being peacemakers in their home, and offering practical tools for parenting with Jesus at the center.

Married for seventeen years, they live in the pineywoods of Texas where they’re raising two boys on a small farm. When they’re not cheering on their sons, leading kids ministry at their church, or ministering to parents, they can probably be found watching Friends reruns and sharing sushi.

David longs to see God’s people recognize that how we live out our faith imparts theology to others. Nothing brings this into sharper focus than parenting as our daily lives constantly disciple those who know us most closely. David has previously served as a pastor, and as a Theology and Church History professor at a Baptist Seminary from 2009 to 2003. Currently, he is the President of a Christian college, where he leads the faculty and staff to provide Christ-centered teaching and training that prepares students to lead meaningful lives that transform the world. He holds a Ph.D. in Theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a Master of Divinity from BMA Theological Seminary, and a Bachelor of Arts in Bible from Central Baptist College.

Amanda is wholly and completely captivated by Jesus. A recovering perfectionist, she has found peace and purpose in the perfect love of Jesus. She’s passionate about helping moms be less stressed and angry so they can flourish in their motherhood. This passion is born out of her own experience with postpartum anxiety, rage, and anger. She delights in linking arms with other mamas so they know that gentle, peaceful, grace-based parenting isn’t only Scripturally sound—it’s actually possible! An artist and free spirit, she can often be found watercolor painting, sipping coffee on her front porch swing, and making up silly songs and snuggling with her boys.