Anyone else just want to sit down and color like you used to when you were 5?! 

I always loved to color but sometimes now I feel like if I have to tear out or look at one more page from a paw patrol coloring book I just might lose it. 

Moms aren’t exempt from needing a creative outlet and sometimes it just helps our brains so much to be able to sit down and relax with some markers, crayons, or watercolors. 

Another need we moms have is to have the truths of God’s word spoken over us and meditated on in our hearts. Cue the mama scriptures coloring download. 

Sometimes we can’t walk away entirely but we need a minute. 

Sometimes we can’t find our own words, but we need some words. 

Sometimes we can’t do everything, but we can claim a promise…

We can speak a scripture we have hidden in our heart. 

We can breathe a prayer to our good father. 

We can remind our own thoughts of what Jesus says about us and how loved and precious we are. 

And sometimes, in those moments, that is enough. 


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