If you’re a parent to a child anywhere from toddlerhood to early elementary age, they just might benefit from a Grace Space

You may have heard of this before–others might call it a time-in space, calm corner, or rest nook. Whatever you decide to call it, the idea is more or less the same: It is a safe space for your child to regulate. 

If your child is really worked up, it could be more along the lines of a place for co-regulation–meaning you can join them in this space and show them how they can use the tools to help. 

Let’s look at how to get this Grace Space up and running in your home! 

  1. Location location location! Sounds like a real estate listing, right?! But truly, location does play a big role in the functionality + usability of a Grace Space. Look for a corner or area of your home that is generally free from clutter, not in the middle of much traffic, and a space that doesn’t feel claustrophobic. We found that having a great view of the outdoors was helpful for our family.

  2. Set the mood: Make this a designated area that is easily marked and identified. If it’s easy to miss or just like everywhere else in the house, it might make it a little harder for a child to gravitate to it when they need it. We have a beautiful set of downloadable Grace Space posters that will best suit your family + even the aesthetic of your home if you’re a little hyper-sensitive to those things like I can tend to be. These are super easy to print and frame and use to make this area of your house feel extra special. 

     check out our grace space calm down kit 

  3. Equip the space: A place to sit, and a small basket or shelf with just a few simple cam activities will do the trick. This can be customized to the needs of your child really easily. Here are a few ideas:
  1. Model how to use it: Be quick to use this as a space first with your child. Be excited and confident in how cool and effective your Grace Space is! Normalize it and be thankful for it. 
Every Grace Space setup is a little different but the goal is the same– a safe place for your child to learn regulation and get back into a place of peace. 

Let us know how a grace space looks in your home. Ideas are always welcome!

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  1. Hi!
    At what age do you recommend introducing the Grace Space? My 20 month old needs something to assist in developing some skills around this.
    Flourishing Homes and Families - Parenting with Peace and Purpose AUTHOR  04/26/2023 03:13 PM Central
    Hey Olivia! The Grace Space Calm Down Kit is perfect for toddlers through pre-teens! We use it as a guide with our 7-9 year olds, but we've had a calm-down space in our home since our oldest was about 18 months old!

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