Raise your hand if you enforce a boundary and your child asks "why?". 🙋‍♀️ It's so easy to just say "Because I said so!" But that doesn't really lend itself to guiding and teaching our kids, does it?

It's okay to explain why. It's better than okay, even! Explaining the why behind a boundary or limit gives children the opportunity to evaluate a different perspective than their own, it gives them a chance to learn about reasoning and risk taking. And sometimes, it gives US the opportunity to reevaluate our answer because we can reflect on if we actually *have* a reason. (And yes, it's also okay to change your mind!)
Here are a few phrases for replacing "because I said so."

👉🏼 It's good to be curious and ask questions, here's why ________.
👉🏼 As soon as you are safe I will explain why.
👉🏼 My answer is no, here's why:
👉🏼 I hear you, but we're going to do it this way because...

And what about those times they keep asking why? Gently remind them that you've already answered their question and hold the limit.

What phrases would you add to our list?


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