Parenting for Honor + Respect: A Guide for Dads (and Moms)

Date: June 22, 2023
Time: 8:00 PM CST
Where: Zoom
Instructors: Dr. David + Amanda Erickson
Respectful kids. Honoring kids. These are real parenting goals that most of us have. We want to raise kids who know how to interact with others and someday make their way in this world. But how do we get there? Should we just insist our kids fake it until they figure it out? Or is there a better way?

What if your child could learn real respect without you demanding he give it? What if you could teach our child to obey without forcing her to do everything she’s told? What if you could do all these things while building a relationship of honor with your child? Honor that outlasts our child’s childhood?

These are all possible and in this workshop, Dr. David Erickson will lay out a vision for genuine honor and respect from our children and how to build a foundation for that from the earliest stages of childhood. More than ideas, this workshop includes lots of practical tools for dads (and moms!) on how to discipline their children in ways that inculcate lifelong honor and respect.

Workshop Details
✅ Part One: What is Your Parenting Goal?
✅ Part Two: Pursuing Real Respect
✅ Part Three: The Role of Obedience
✅ Part Four: Honor for a Lifetime
Part Five: Q&A/Group Coaching
 Includes full-color guidebook
✅ Closed caption replay will be emailed within 48 hours