It's no secret that we try to live as naturally, and toxin-free, as possible in our home. We are committed to maintaining a strong immune system, healthy gut health, and mental and emotional wellbeing as naturally and as simply as possible. 

First Confession: I'm a second-generation "crunchy" mama.

I grew in a home where my mama ground our own organic whole wheat to make our own bread. We used herbs and tinctures before they were hashtags on Instagram. We drank goats milk and ate raw foods. And my mama was cleaning with homemade cleaners and soaps before all the cool kids were! 

Second Confession: I ditched the crunchy way of living for about five years. 

And contrary to what she thinks, it wasn't because I thought my mom was completely insane. (Though there were times I had serious doubts - ear candles, anyone?) The main reason I ditched the crunchy lifestyle was because mainstream living was easy. I don't grind my own coffee beans, much less whole wheat! A box of Pasta Roni cost about a dollar, fed my husband and me, and took all of five minutes to prepare. Aches and pains? Pop a couple (or four...or eight as I eventually got up to) ibuprofen. Tired? Just keep chugging the coffee and soda! Sick? Take the OTCs until you can't anymore then go see the doctor for a prescription.

But it caught up to me after about five years. I started experiencing chronic pain and chronic fatigue, and it was so debilitating that I couldn't even carry a gallon of milk across the grocery store. (That's not an exaggeration.)  I was weak, in pain, and completely exhausted all the time. After about a year of doing everything my doctor recommended, he diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, accompanied by chronic fatigue. I was later diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

Third Confession: I'm crunchy as long as I can keep it simple.

Which means sometimes I'm crunchy-ish. I'm one of those crazy mamas who believe that modern and allopathic medicine and ancient natural remedies can and should coexist to serve families. Modern medicine is a blessing and a gift! Natural remedies are also a blessing and a gift. And when both are respected and used intuitively, families and homes are able to thrive and flourish in wellness and confidence. 

It's easy for me to get overwhelmed by all the details that go into fully committed crunchy living, and it took me a few years to figure out how to do it as simply as possible. I've been living the mostly crunchy lifestyle for ten years and I'm grateful to say that I've only had two fibro flare ups in ten years, and my chronic fatigue is able to be managed naturally. And yes, even after our reproductive endocrinologist gave us a 5% chance of pregnancy with continued fertility treatment, we're profoundly blessed to have two naturally-conceived rainbow babies.  

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