Hi sweet friend. If you've ever found yourself asking "why am I an angry mom?!", I# get it. We all experience being triggered as parents - every single one of us. Sometimes the trigger has more to do with us than it has to do with our children. Physiological factors like hormones, lack of sleep, hunger, and extra stress play a significant role in how we react or respond to our children in the moment. But certain behaviors from our children tend to get under our skin a little more than others.

Overcoming common parenting triggers takes time and requires us to be very intentional. It may require professional help, or it may be an easy paradigm shift to make.
The Transform Your Triggers Guidebook is designed to help you get started on the transformative process. Our hope and prayer is that this guide will serve you well as you release old habits and reactions and replace them with grace-based responses that model the abundant grace of Christ.

This guidebook is a gift of love from my mama's heart to you. I've been there, and I know how frustrating it can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed with motherhood. If you're needing more help, I recommend the book
Triggers: Replacing Parents' Angry Reactions with Gentle Biblical Responses by Wendy Speake and Amber Lia.