LASTING CHANGEYour generous support creates lasting change for families with new courses to help moms, dads, and caregivers elevate their faith and parenting. One of our goals is to be able to provide our Peacemaker Parenting Course for free to any foster family who needs it!


Your gift has a global impact, providing grace-filled resources for families around the world. Every month, we reach parents in the U.S. and Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and many other countries. 


Your partnership allows us to fast-track future resources and projects that expand our reach and impact. From podcasts to church curriculum, free resources and theology deep dives, your gift makes these projects possible.

Expanding resources for families
Flourishing Homes & Families offers free and affordable resources for parents and caregivers and is ever-expanding their resource library with courses, book/e-books, and downloadable printables. Our upcoming course, Peacemaker Parenting (anticipated in Spring 2023) will reach thousands of families with Jesus-Centered parenting tools. Our dream is that we will be able to provide the Peacemaking Parenting Course to foster families free of charge, to provide Scripture-based, trauma-informed care to those who welcome the least of these into their home.

Taking Jesus-centered parenting to all nations
Thanks to the power of the internet and social media, we're able to reach families all over the world! Our free resources online, as well as our incredibly affordable workshops, allow families to access Gospel-centered parenting tools and resources. Your support allows us to offer a scholarship program for families in countries that are banned or discouraged from purchasing from the United States, as well as parents who cannot afford even a $10 workshop.

Current vision: future growth
We have some exciting projects in the works here at Flourishing Homes & Families! From the Peacemaker Parenting course, e-books on our most frequently asked questions, a book published, and curriculum for churches - we're also looking ahead with a plan to launch a podcast and build out an interactive website that will help parents navigate their most common parenting struggles with peace and grace.