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I remember when we first made the commitment to gentle parenting our two young toddler sons. Our heart was in it! And we knew it was where God was leading our family. But when things got messy and sticky - we found that our parenting toolbox was lacking in practical skills. What we would have given to find a resource with most of what we needed all in one place!

Changing the way you parent to have more peace and kindness in your home can be a big shift. 
And we know from experience that it is  far easier to do with support and guidance.

That's exactly why we are speaking at, and sponsoring the Gentle Parenting Summit

Beginning on October 4, the 100% virtual Gentle Parenting Summit is designed to bring you 20+ speakers, 30+ sessions, and loads of resources to empower you to gently and peacefully parent your children with grace at the center. That means more confidence for you, stronger family relationships, and more joy in your parenting journey.

Some of the sessions include:

  • Theology of Gentle Parenting with Dr. David Erickson of Flourishing Homes & Families

  • How to Create a More Peaceful Home: A New Perspective on Connection, Play, and Healthy Boundaries with Sarah R. Moore of Dandelion Seeds Parenting

  • Gentle Parenting and the Gospel with Angela Harders of Peaceful Worldschoolers

  • What's Really Going on In Your Teens Brain? with Doreen Steenland

  • 5 Ways to Stop Power Struggles with Your Strong-Willed Child with Kirk Martin of Calm Parenting Podcast

And there are so many more amazing presentations about self regulation, emotions, tools for teaching, and Biblical principles.

The Gentle Parenting Summit is free, thanks to a group of wonderful sponsors. (Our deep love for Grace-based parenting, and our belief in the mission is just part of why we are sponsoring the Gentle Parenting Summit.)

There is also an ALL-ACCESS PASS available with extra resources.

If the all-access pass fits in your budget, we definitely recommend it! Being able to go back and listen to the sessions will be so helpful for you, plus we've seen some of the bonus freebies and let's just say they're AWESOME!

Hi, we're the Ericksons

We're the founders of Flourishing Homes & Families, and this is Where Families Flourish. We live in the Pineywoods of East Texas, and this is our online space where we share our heart and soul for Gentle Parenting, cultivating peaceful, healthy homes, and overcoming the overwhelm and underwhelm of parenthood so we can overflow into who our children are meant to become.

We are passionate about...
... gentle parenting, and equipping you to peacefully parent your children with wisdom, grace, and gratitude.

...wellness and flourishing, and bringing both into the lives and homes of our sweet community.

...helping mamas overcome anxiety and anger, so they can embrace and enjoy peaceful and purposeful motherhood.

David holds a Ph.D. in Theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is a professor of theology and church history. He is unapologetically passionate about reclaiming scriptural view of childhood and discipline.

Amanda is a work-from-home mama with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical studies. She fearlessly leads women towards grace-based motherhood.