Peacemaker Parenting: Consequences

Is it possible to parent without negative and harsh consequences? What's the difference between natural and logical consequences? Can you hold limits without removing privileges?  
If you've seen social media posts about parenting without punishments, or if you've ever wondered how to hold limits without artificially imposed consequences, this workshop is for you! 
8:00 PM CST - 9:30 PM CST
Part One: Parenting with Jesus the center
Learn how to embrace a parenting model rooted in the teachings of Jesus, nurturing a trust-based relationship that views discipline as discipleship. Dr. David Erickson will help you discover what it means to imitate Christ in your parenting, and to lead and guide your family with confidence, with faith and parenting seamlessly intertwined.

Part Two: Parenting with Purpose: Evaluating your goals 
Taking an inventory of your parenting goals, and how your discipline works toward or against those goals is an important part of Peacemaker Parenting. Flourishing Homes & Families co-founder Amanda Erickson introduce you to the brain science behind using fear as a motivator or deterrent for behavior, and help you better understand how God designed your child's brain. 

Part Three: Peacemaking Consequences
Contrary to the message you  may have heard on social media, consequences are a natural and necessary part of growing and maturing. Yet you don't have to rely on negative consequences to teach your children or hold limits. Learn how to harness the power of natural consequences, understand the differences between logical and imposed consequences, and discover the secret sauce of peacemaking discipline: future-facing consequences.

Part Four: Uncover the Power of Group Coaching:
Join a supportive community of like-minded Christian parents, all dedicated to nurturing peaceful approaches. Engage in a group coaching session much like we offer in The Mentorship, where you can share experiences, receive personalized guidance, and build lifelong connections with fellow parents on the same path.

Bonus: Full-Color Guidebook Included!
As a participant, you'll receive a comprehensive and beautifully designed guidebook, packed with practical tips, scripture references, and helpful resources. This guidebook will serve as your go-to companion, reinforcing your learning even after the webinar concludes.