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These books have been a benefit for us in our parenting journey. We recommend them to you because we believe they will be helpful for you and your family as well. Especially because they are such a great fit for any budget. Our recommendation does not mean we endorse or agree with every single idea in them. We encourage you to read any parenting book with discernment and in light of Scripture. To find our own thoughts on Christian gentle parenting, we encourage you to peruse our Instagram and Facebook pages.


Practical Positive Parenting: How To Raise Emotionally Intelligent Children Ages 2-7 By Empowering Confidence

by Hannah Brooks
Are you sick and tired of not being able to get through to your child? Have you tried endless "solutions" to get along with your child but nothing seems to work, and you're back to the tantrums? Do you finally want to say goodbye to punishments and disagreements and discover something which works for you? You are not the first. Lucky for you, there’s a solution! Positive parenting doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it's easier than you think. It's also much more important than you realize.

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover in this positive parenting audiobook:

  • Positive parenting in five simple steps
  • How children think and feel at different stages of development
  • The eight simple steps to exert healthy discipline without being authoritarian
  • The reason behind your child's misbehavior (The answer will surprise you!)
  • The 10 action-based commandments for disciplining toddlers
  • The simple-to-fix mistakes parents make when disciplining older children
  • The exact steps to dealing with your frustration or anger, should it arise
  • Many "in real life" examples of conversations and situations which make this book immediately actionable
  • Final tips you can apply in less than five minutes to make a tangible, positive impact on your child

by Erika Miller
All I ever seem to do is shout at my kids. Why can’t I get this right?

Does your relationship with your children seem like a chain of shouting matches with some dead silences in between? Does the sight of somebody else’s calm, well-behaved son or daughter make you feel really envious? You really don’t want your life to be the way it is…

This book was written to help parents like you.

What this book can do for the “Angry Parent”:

- I can show you how to use strategies to manage kids without shouting, or pleading…

- You can handle your own stress better, without taking it out on them…

- You can learn to see and discern what emotions you’re feeling, so you can choose to follow them, or not…

- It can stop you from doing and saying stuff that makes you feel like an ogre afterwards…

- It gives you words to say, and tells you what not to say…

- You can understand that anger has a reason for being there, and you can express it in an effective, fair, and loving way...

- You can get some understanding help when you’re at your wits’ end!

by Aubrey Hargis

Make it easier to manage your little one’s most challenging behaviors with these highly effective toddler discipline tools. This standout among parenting books helps you learn how to effectively support your toddler as you deal with day-to-day difficulties.

Written by mother of two and child development expert Aubrey Hargis, this guide to parenting toddlers teaches you about the behavioral challenges you’ll face and the ways you can address them while fostering important life skills like curiosity, respect, independence, and confidence.

Toddler Discipline for Every Age and Stage includes:

  • An overview of toddler development―Better understand how your child will grow physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally, as well as how this affects their behavior.
  • Age-appropriate discipline strategies—Take a holistic approach to parenting with guidance that is tailored to each age group.
  • Handy tips—Informative quick tips help you get the most out of this parenting guide, teaching you how and why certain things work and addressing specific challenges.

This child development book shows you how to build an effective toolbox of toddler discipline strategies that will serve you through every step of their growth.

Gospel-Based Parenting: A Biblical Study on Discipline and Discipling

As Christian parents, we strive to apply God's word in all areas of our lives, but what if we have been misinterpreting His word this entire time? In Gospel-Based Parenting, we will: (1) look deeply into our own hearts and honestly reflect on our practice as parents, (2) look deeply into the Word of God and examine our cultural biases and preconceived ideas that have impacted our interpretation of His Word, and (3) look deeply into the heart of God as our Heavenly Father and be transformed by the gift of grace that He has freely given to us through Jesus Christ. Each chapter includes a list of discussion questions that can be used with your spouse, your small group, or your church. May our lives and our parenting be transformed by the Gospel of God's amazing grace.

Childhood discipline is your responsibility. As a Christian parent, you know your children need you to “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.” The Bible is clear about what you should do. But what about how you should do it? The way you answer will shape how your children remember your parenting and family.

Heartfelt Discipline contends there is no divine “how to” formula for childhood discipline. Rather, there is a “way.” It’s the way of life, the path we walk with God. It’s about faith, grace, freedom, and heart, expressed in three principles of discipline as you walk the path with your children:

Direction: Guiding and showing them how to walk on the path with God
Correction Getting them back on the path when sin leads them off of it
Protection: Guarding them from temptations that could draw them away

In Heartfelt Discipline Clay Clarkson helps you understand what the Bible really says about childhood discipline. Drawing on thirty years of parenting and his personal study of the Bible, Clay fully fleshes out God’s way of “path of life parenting.” It will change how you think about childhood discipline, and put you on the path of life to your child’s heart.

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