Hi. I’m Natalie, wife to my amazing husband Josh and mother to two long-haired miniature Dachshunds and a Tennessee Walker. I love trail riding, learning, snuggling on the sofa, and helping others. While I’m not currently parenting, I am breaking cycles and healing from childhood trauma. I used to live what I thought was a “healthy” version of the standard American life all while duking it out with chronic health issues. It was punctuated by debilitating migraines and frequent asthma attacks that left me scared to be anywhere alone without my rescue inhaler. I spent what little energy I had worrying over the location of the next bathroom should my digestive issues flair and feared making plans wondering if I’d actually be able to honor commitments. To top it off, I developed adverse reactions to most OTC pain medications as I struggled to function with joint and back pain. All this even though I thought I ate decently and worked out regularly. 

It got to the point where I had a 2-4 day debilitating migraine every weekend, my skin and scalp started reacting to common items like lotion, shampoo, and laundry soap. Most of each weekend was spent in bed trying to pull myself together, dreading work on Monday, and praying for a few migraine-free days where light and sound didn’t cause excruciating pain.  All this, and I wasn’t even 30. Life seemed hopeless. I thought I was healthy and boy was I deceived. 

Desperate, I contacted a friend who shared testimonials about several natural products that might help manage some of those chronic issues. I was so desperate to not end up taking a daily handful of pharmaceuticals for the rest of my life with all their side effects. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, I ordered. Two months later I ordered more because I was seeing positive results and knew I could trust the company. That started me on a journey to ditch my illusion of health and pursue true vibrant health. 

Now, my quality of life is so much better. Those migraines are a rarity, I haven’t used an inhaler in years, my energy levels allow me to do what I love without being relegated to the sofa afterward while my back and joints talk smack. My mental clarity allows me to excel and receive recognition at my job. Life is so much more fulfilling and I have the freedom to make plans without worrying about if I’ll even be able to function when the day arrives. On top of all that, my improved quality of life provides the physical, mental and emotional space to do the hard work of breaking the cycle of abuse and trauma as I heal and continue my journey to be truly healthy. After overcoming so much, I have a passion for helping others who live with chronic health issues find a better quality of life like I did. 

Come join our group of brave women who said “enough!” I deserve a better quality of life in spite of my health issues and you do too. Come learn how you can become empowered by the knowledge and info we share in our exclusive community.

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