Living + Teaching a Jesus-Centered Gospel
How to disciple children in a Gospel of Grace they can understand

DATE: Thursday, March 28, 2024
Via Zoom, recording emailed within 48 hours
Includes full-color guidebook
As Christian parents, we seek to nurture faith in our children and cultivate spiritual disciplines that will last them a lifetime. Yet it can be challenging to share the good news of Jesus Christ in age-appropriate ways. How do we teach our children to understand Scripture from a Jesus-centered perspective? How do we talk to them about sin and judgment without causing needless fear and confusion? How can we explain the Gospel in ways children can understand?
Led by authors and parent educators,Chris Ammen, and former pastor and author Chris Ammen, this workshop offers practical insights and tools to help you share the Gospel with your children in a Jesus-centered, grace-filled way, not only with your words, but by creating a family culture that reflects the Gospel of grace.

In this workshop you'll learn:
  • The importance of a developmentally appropriate, and theologically faithful Gospel for young minds.
  • How to embrace a Jesus-centered Gospel that emphasizes trust over fear.
  • Practical strategies for living out the Gospel as parents and modeling faith for your children.
  • Sample language and scripts to guide age-appropriate discussions about faith.
Join us for an engaging and encouraging session, followed by Q+A where you can ask questions and connect with other parents on a similar journey. Plus, gain access to exclusive resources and discounts to further support your family's spiritual growth.

Don't miss this opportunity to cultivate a trust-based, Jesus-centered faith in your home. Space is limited, and we recommend registering early to secure your spot!