Peace on Earth begins with Peace at Home. Yet all too often the holiday season brings with it chaotic moments and lots of big feelings - for kids and parents! In our holiday mini course, Peace on Earth begins with peace at Home,  Amanda will coach and guide you through creating an intentional holiday season that serves you and your family while cultivating confidence and peace.  


  • Concise coaching and education - just over one hour of video content
  • A practical, hands-on guidebook with more than 40 pages of strategies, tools, and tips for cultivating peace during the holidays and all year long
  • A sample letter to use as a guide for talking to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other family members who may not understand gentle parenting
  • Proven parenting responses to replace yelling and harsh discipline
  • Teaching tools to help P.R.E.P. your child for the holidays

  • Part One: Identifying Your Family Values to Establish a Foundation for How You Experience the Holidays
  • Part Two: Preparing Yourself for the Holidays and Managing Your Parenting Triggers

  • Part Three: Preparing Your Child for the Holidays using P.R.E.P.

  • Part Four: Preparing your Extended Family for the Holidays using P.R.E.P. (Includes a sample letter you can use as a script, text, or email to start the conversation about boundaries and gentle parenting with your extended family.)

  • Part Five: Specific Strategies for Cultivating Peace + Gentle Parenting Tools to Fill Your Toolbox

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